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Developed by an international team of traders, analysts, educators, and technologists, Fast Trading Trainer is the fastest way to learn to trade. Take a lesson, then practice what you learned with the Fast Trading app, a gamified trading environment designed for deep practice.


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    Why is DEEP PRACTICE important?

    Fast Trading Trainer employs Deep Practice techniques to rapidly increase chart reading, statistical thinking, pattern recognition, and other essential trading skills. Deep Practice is much more powerful than normal practice. Skills that may take months of regular practice can be mastered in a matter of weeks, or even days, using Deep Practice.

    What is DEEP PRACTICE?

    Deep practice, also called deliberate practice, is a mode of practicing that involves focused practice with immediate feedback, leading to improved technique and mastery. Since the early 90's researchers and psychologists have studied top performers in many fields. The interesting discovery is that this technique works across virtually every discipline because it is neurological. Deep practice causes myelin, a neural insulation, to grow and thicken around axons, which connect the brain's neurons to each other. Increased myelin makes the neural network faster, stronger, and longer lasting. The result is quicker thinking, and better retention. This is good news for anyone aspiring to elite performance, because the amount of myelin in your brain is not fixed! You grow myelin by struggling and pushing beyond your comfort zone. You must fail. Reassess. Do it again. And again.

    To quote from the book The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle:

    “Struggle is not an option: it’s a biological requirement."

    DEEP PRACTICE and Fast Trading Trainer

    What eventually drives many people out of trading is the frustration of constant failure. Making losing trade after losing trade can be disheartening (especially if you are also throwing away money at the same time), but it’s in the failing where you will find success. It’s something we all have to go through and accept. At the beginning you’re going to make a lot of bad trading decisions. And I mean a lot. Plain and simple. Trading has a lot of intricasies that need to be mastered. Deep practice is the key. It’s the fastest way to move your skills forward to an acceptable level.

    In this course you learn with the Fast Trading app. Each time you take a lesson, which intoduces a trading technique, you will go to the app and select the button associated with that lesson. Then you practice! We have pre-selected hundreds of sets of data for each lesson, which all contain examples from the lesson just studied. Practice as much as you can! Pay attention! Don't be afraid to fail. At the end of each game, you not only see if you won or lost, but also how your perfomance compares to other students that used the same data. You get a rating, which we call TraderIQ, that can give you a good idea of when you are ready to enter the actual markets!